Stop paying interest and shop happily

Buy what you want now and pay later in fixed monthly payments with no interest and overpayment

Instalment card for happy shopping

  • 0% interest
  • 0% overpayment
  • 0% down payment

Feel the freedom of shopping with Solfy

Wide merchant network
Our merchant network is growing every day. We were joined by famous merchants of different categories all over the world. Already more than 1000 outlets joined Solfy.
Freedom of shopping
Paying with Solfy instalment card you can afford more. Instalment period can from 1 to 12 months means that you always have spare money and can spend it at your will.
Useful and convenient
We ensure fast card issue, distribution and our support during all period of card use. You get the card once and be able to make unlimited purchases in instalment.

Solfy App makes your shopping better

  • All information about merchants in one place
  • Only relevant and personalized offers for you
  • User-friendly interface of payments to help you manage your balance

Already more than 1000 outlets joined us!