Instalment for your customers:
0% of overpayment, 0% down payment

You get the money immediately

More customers, more profit

Get new customers
It will be more beneficial for consumers to buy from you, so it will bring new customers. Join us earlier and you will attract even more clients.
Raise average check
Using instalment card technology will increase average bill amount up to 200%. Longer instalment term helps your client forget about prices.
Increase purchase frequency
Your customer always has spare money, which leads to a growing number of both spontaneous and conscious purchases.
Boost turnover
Instalment card helps you sell more and faster. You will get full amount for each of your sales immediately.
Low risks
You don’t carry any risks associated with non-payment of debt by the customers. Your store will get money immediately and your client will return money to his bank.

Solfy ecosystem for
customer engagement

Card with
money for purchases
App with list of partners and personalized offers
in partners stores

How does it work?

Money for shopping
Interest from transactions with Solfy card
Goods and services
Refund without interest

Boost your sales with the help
of the instalment card